Walking Guidelines

We want you to enjoy SWAG walks.

Whether you are an existing member or have recently joined, it is important that everyone understands their responsibilities whilst on a SWAG walk.

The group have published on this website a full risk assessment (RA) of most of the potential hazards that might be incurred on a walk, and how those hazards can be mitigated. The link below will take you straight to the RA for your convenience. Please take the time to read them carefully, they are the guidelines by which we will conduct our walks, and will help our leaders and walkers to be aware of the risks of walking in the countryside.


The RA, along with the walk descriptions emailed out prior to each walk, and the relevant grade of walk, will assist our walkers in deciding whether a walk is suitable for them to take part in. Some walks are very strenuous mountain walks with a high level of fitness required, some are less so. If in doubt, please make contact with the relevant walk leader for further clarification.

All members are encouraged to lead a walk and experienced SWAG walk leaders will gladly assist in this area. We also have a map library which may have a map of the area you are planning for a walk which you could lead. Some of our other members have their own maps which they may be willing to share for this purpose. If you want help in leading a walk, discuss it in the first instance with one of our experienced Walk Coordinators, who can guide you along the way.

We do publish photographs of our walks on our private Facebook page, and not on members own personal FB page. We ask that you have the members permission to take and upload photographs prior to posting on Facebook.